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How to Earn Your Toque

Coldest Night of the YearThe Coldest Night of the year toque is a well-established event tradition. You'll love being part of the crowd of walkers sporting one these cozy head coverings on WALK night.

We like to make each WALK's toque unique - this year's design is still under wraps (stay tuned for the big reveal)! The WALK toque is suitable for winter walks, formal occasions, job interviews, weddings, or deep sea exploration. Head not included.

Uh huh. So how do I get one?

Toques are given out on WALK night to anyone who has either...

A. Fundraised the minimum amount required by age:

$75 for youth 17 and under, or

$150 for adults 18 and older

B. Paid the $25 registration fee online or on WALK night.

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