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Who We Walk For

Hurting. Without a home. At risk. On the margins.

The people we serve are more than a list of statistics, problems, symptoms and circumstances. The “hungry, homeless and hurting” is a wide brush stroke we use to represent the individuals who benefit from the money raised through the Coldest Night of the Year.

So who are they?

The people who receive assistance through the funds raised through the WALK include those struggling with:

living at or below the poverty line

addictions or substance abuse

community and social support

race or gender discrimination

access to adequate housing

access to adequate food

access to employment

mental health issues

Community Commitment

Each local charity that hosts the WALK in their community is known for their commitment to prudently serving people in need. View our list of cities and partners here.

The Coldest Night of the Year partners with these selected organizations to support the work they do to bring hope, help and compassion to those on the margins in their town or city, in the cold winter months when giving is scarce and resources are dwindling.

So that's who we're walking for. People in your community. Neighbours down your street. Kids you see everyday. A family member you love. Maybe you?

Watch 2014's Video To Learn More

Learn More About Homelessness in Canada

To learn more about homelessness in Canada please reference the following links:

The Homeless Hub

The Homeless Hub provides a valuable and extensive library of Canada-specific homeless content. We especially like:

The Homeless Hub Website

PDF - Definition of Homelessness in Canada

Huffington Post Links

An eclectic list of links on the Huff-post website with various articles on homelessness in Canada

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Federal Government Plan

The Canadian Federal Government's "homelessness initiative" can be read here:

Homelessness Partnering Strategy

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