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Where can I find a route map?

Choose the Location you'll be walking from the Locations page - if your location's route map has been finalized, it will be there. (If not, be patient, it'll be there soon.)

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Where does the WALK begin?

To find your WALK's location, choose the city you are walking in from the Locations menu everything you need is there, including start-finish location, address, map, contact numbers, emails, route descriptions, and most other location-specific details.

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How long are the routes?

There are 5 km and 10 km routes available.

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How long does it take to walk?

Depending on your fitness, the weather, congestion and ground cover, most walkers clip along at between 4-5 km/hour. So the shorter walk should take 60-90 minutes and the longer walk around 2-3 hours.

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Are there rest stations along the route?

Yes, there will be rest stations along your route - check your location page for more details.

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How do I change my walking distance?

You can change your walking distance by:

1. Logging in to your fundraising centre

2. Clicking the "Profile" tab at the top of the screen

3. Clicking the "Edit User Survey Questions" tab at left.

4. You can edit your distance selection in this screen and hit the "submit" button to save.

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Can people on my team walk different distances?

Definitely! Everyone who joins a team selects their own route distance during registration. You can have people walking multiple distances on the same team.

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Can I run the route instead of walking?

Due to the risk of ice, snow, and wet weather, the numbers of walkers involved, and the participation of children, seniors, and service animals in our event, participants are not permitted to run our routes. For those who would prefer to run, they may do so under their own oversight either earlier in the day or on another day, knowing that they would be running without our volunteer management and would not be covered under our insurance.

Runners can then participate on WALK Day with us by walking the route with their friends, families and neighbours.

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