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Acadia Place/Feed the Hungry/Mustard Seed

Raised: $133,627.45|Goal: $125,000


Acadia Place / Feed the Hungry / The Mustard Seed serve people with poverty in Calgary. Your involvement in this walk impacts hundreds of lives in a positive way,... [Read More]

Acadia Place / Feed the Hungry / The Mustard Seed serve people with poverty in Calgary. Your involvement in this walk impacts hundreds of lives in a positive way, helping build a bright future that once seemed out of reach.



Calgary is super grateful for our wondermazing 2016 sponsors - thanks so much! View All >

The Printing House
National Sponsor
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Printcor Inc.
Event Sponsor
MTG Healthcare Academy Ltd.
Event Sponsor
Bentall Kennedy
Event Sponsor
Bow River Foods
Bow River Foods
Event Sponsor
Intact Insurance
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Sobeys (West)
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Costco Wholesale - Deerfoot...
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Russell Food Equipment Ltd.
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C.B. Marketing Brokerage &a...
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Eau Claire Market
Goods and Services


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Calgary Scoreboard.

1Homes by Avi
Captain: Charlene Francis
$6,123.55 | 7 Walkers
2St. Anthony's Saints
Captain: St. Anthony's Saints St. Anthony's Church
$5,243.00 | 35 Walkers
3Westminster Walkers
Captain: Deirdre Harris
$4,310.00 | 12 Walkers
4Centennial Centipedes
Captain: Reuben Flim
$4,240.00 | 12 Walkers
5Tres Belles
Captain: Sherri Acres
$4,175.20 | 3 Walkers
6Bentall Kennedy Calgary
Captain: Rob McLean
$4,076.00 | 29 Walkers
Captain: Frederick Vine
$3,635.00 | 14 Walkers
8Springbank Cottage ChildCares
Captain: Kathy Anderson
$3,495.00 | 14 Walkers
9CS Church & City Hikers
Captain: Rick Young
$3,440.00 | 6 Walkers
10Cathedral Church of the Redeemer
Captain: Helen Dunn
$3,340.00 | 11 Walkers
11SLeeP Walkers
Captain: Larry Pearce
$3,195.25 | 6 Walkers
12Polar Pacers
Captain: Patsy Hayes
$2,715.00 | 10 Walkers
Captain: Katharine Heimbigner-Tenor
$2,609.25 | 8 Walkers
14Ascension Walkers
Captain: Barbara Craig
$2,545.00 | 12 Walkers
15Cequence Energy Ltd.
Captain: Brandy McCallum
$2,450.00 | 5 Walkers
16Holy Name Cares
Captain: Brad Perry
$2,250.00 | 6 Walkers
17Sweet Talkin' & Walkin'
Captain: Richard Deschenes
$2,185.00 | 6 Walkers
18The Legal Barrons
Captain: Tom Kent
$2,046.00 | 5 Walkers
19Jo-Jo Conflux
Captain: Graham LeGeyt
$2,020.00 | 4 Walkers
20Sarah's Stars
Captain: Debbie Evans
$2,000.00 | 3 Walkers
21Bonavista Baptist Church
Captain: Sue Trefry
$1,980.00 | 4 Walkers
22Calgary Anglicans
Captain: Marlene Wiens
$1,825.00 | 8 Walkers
23Deer Park & St. Andrew's UC A Team
Captain: Donald Stiles
$1,755.00 | 7 Walkers
24Grace Presbyterian Go - Getters
Captain: Shirley Walker
$1,725.00 | 6 Walkers
25Family on Mission
Captain: Lance Hofer
$1,660.00 | 4 Walkers
26Team CUPS!
Captain: Courtney Juurlink
$1,570.00 | 8 Walkers
27Calgary Buffalo NDP Constituency Association
Captain: Jennifer Burgess
$1,560.00 | 4 Walkers
28Companions making footprints
Captain: Lisa Gilead
$1,545.00 | 6 Walkers
29VAPC Icebreakers
Captain: John Douglas Hey
$1,495.00 | 11 Walkers
30Happy Feet
Captain: Britany Ardelli
$1,455.00 | 15 Walkers
31"Happy Souls"
Captain: Kevin Lee
$1,445.00 | 15 Walkers
32Knox United Wox United
Captain: Chellan Hoffman
$1,445.00 | 6 Walkers
33Job Ninjas & friends
Captain: Giselle Gilliard
$1,425.00 | 8 Walkers
34The Dynamic Duo - St. Martin's Anglican & Knox Presbyterian
Captain: Laura Wieler
$1,365.00 | 7 Walkers
35Wiley's Coyotes
Captain: Stephen Wile
$1,350.00 | 1 Walkers
36St. Patty Walkers
Captain: Dcn. Albert Riendeau
$1,345.00 | 9 Walkers
37Calgary's CNOY Flagship Team
Captain: Samantha Jones
$1,270.00 | 3 Walkers
38St Bonaventure Snow-Ventures
Captain: Lorraine Clark
$1,245.00 | 2 Walkers
39Calgary Buffalo Alberta Party Constituency Association
Captain: Dave Cox
$1,203.00 | 5 Walkers
40KPMG Advisory
Captain: Olaf Paulus
$1,135.00 | 1 Walkers
41Steps for Shelter
Captain: Christine Berstad
$1,100.00 | 7 Walkers
42Step by Step
Captain: Paige Sholter
$1,100.00 | 6 Walkers
43The Beacon of Light
Captain: April Brown
$945.05 | 6 Walkers
Captain: Laurel Zabolotney
$898.00 | 6 Walkers
45Forest Family & Friends
Captain: Laurie Shead
$875.00 | 3 Walkers
46Kirsten walters
Captain: Kirsten Walters
$805.00 | 6 Walkers
Captain: Kimberly Knelsen
$800.00 | 5 Walkers
Captain: Christelle Zacharki
$695.00 | 4 Walkers
49Junior League of Calgary and Friends In Action
Captain: Junior League of Calgary
$645.00 | 7 Walkers
Captain: Jacinda Perrin
$600.00 | 7 Walkers
51Divinyi Chillers
Captain: Jennafer Bilous
$600.00 | 2 Walkers
Captain: Ryan deJong
$560.00 | 11 Walkers
53Out for a DOUBLE U
Captain: Kirsten Carson
$495.00 | 2 Walkers
54Raging Grannies
Captain: Grannie Elaine McMurray
$420.00 | 3 Walkers
55Team Awesome
Captain: Ashley Charron
$405.00 | 10 Walkers
56Just Two Guys Walking
Captain: Justin McRae
$405.00 | 2 Walkers
Captain: Sisay Toy
$400.00 | 14 Walkers
58Just Walkin
Captain: Erin Potts
$400.00 | 3 Walkers
59Superhogis walk the Walk
Captain: Simone Hogenkamp
$390.00 | 2 Walkers
Captain: Cheryl Bernicot
$361.00 | 2 Walkers
61YYC Gamechangers
Captain: David Hartwick
$325.00 | 3 Walkers
62GBC TeamJesus
Captain: Rik Jones
$320.00 | 1 Walkers
63These boots are made for walking
Captain: Natalie Ducharme
$320.00 | 2 Walkers
64The Ice Cubes
Captain: Caryn Lenton
$315.00 | 3 Walkers
65Urban Explorers
Captain: Rita Krentz
$260.00 | 2 Walkers
66Early Birds
Captain: Marta Edgar
$240.00 | 2 Walkers
Captain: Andrea Hull
$240.00 | 2 Walkers
Captain: Kayla Eggers
$235.00 | 2 Walkers
69Deswik Calgary
Captain: Andre Stengl
$225.00 | 1 Walkers
70Team Politsky
Captain: Karen Politsky
$220.00 | 4 Walkers
71Warm Hearts Cold Hands
Captain: Sheila Kabatoff
$200.00 | 7 Walkers
72Inn from the Cold
Captain: Colin Doucette
$170.00 | 3 Walkers
73Surface Construction Ltd
Captain: Terry Jensen
$155.00 | 1 Walkers
74UofC Social Workers
Captain: Natasha Gillis
$150.00 | 3 Walkers
75Switch Crew
Captain: Carmen Kokot
$150.00 | 2 Walkers
76Night Guardians
Captain: Marjorie Lopez
$150.00 | 2 Walkers
Captain: Steven Kapteyn
$150.00 | 3 Walkers
78Acadia Place/Feed the Hungry/Mustard Seed Campaign
Captain: Acadia Place/Feed the Hungry/Mustard Seed Campaign
$130.00 | 1 Walkers
79Sole Provider
Captain: Jason Morris
$125.00 | 1 Walkers
80The HoMacs
Captain: Jeff Horan
$125.00 | 2 Walkers
81The Legal Barrons
Captain: Tom Kent
$100.00 | 1 Walkers
823Sixty5 Real Estate
Captain: Chris Jamieson
$90.00 | 5 Walkers
83McClure Marches
Captain: Donald Dale
$90.00 | 1 Walkers
84Team Hope
Captain: Tinuke Chineme
$50.00 | 5 Walkers
85Litterbox Looters
Captain: Debbie Falkenhagen
$50.00 | 2 Walkers
86James 2:15-16
Captain: Andrea Jonahs
$50.00 | 2 Walkers
87The Herding Turtles
Captain: Margaret Downing
$50.00 | 6 Walkers
88Team MRU
Captain: Jan Elaine Soriano
$40.00 | 4 Walkers
89Gotta Have Hope
Captain: Shirley Aarrestad
$20.00 | 1 Walkers
90West Hills United Soccer Club U14G Sparks
Captain: Chantelle Carley
$0.00 | 1 Walkers
91Team Kawaii
Captain: Tela mann
$0.00 | 1 Walkers
92Making Cold Nights HOT
Captain: Carolyn Tryhurn
$0.00 | 2 Walkers
93The Cold Never Bothered Us Anyway
Captain: Laura Schroeder
$0.00 | 10 Walkers
94UFC Gym Chinook
Captain: Trevor Dahlen
$0.00 | 1 Walkers
95Small Group
Captain: Isaac Moesker
$0.00 | 1 Walkers
96The Fabulous Trio
Captain: Kathleen Keil
$0.00 | 3 Walkers

WALK Day Photos

Photo Credit: Samantha Jones


WALK Day Details

Start/FinishGoogle Map

Eau Claire Market

Main Gathering Space by Food Court


200 Barclay Parade SW

Calgary, AB

T2P 4R3

Parking: Surface Parkade south of mall or underground parking with entrance off 2nd St SW. Fee is $3.00 for the whole day/night.

We will have a "Selfie Spot" near the start banner so take a shot of yourself and share it on social media! #CNOYyyc


Here's the schedule for the walk:

  • 4:00 - Registration opens
  • 5:00 - Opening Ceremonies
  • 5:15 - Walk begins (10 km)
  • 5:30 - Walk begins (5 km and 2 km)
  • 6:00 - Registration closes
  • 8:00 - Route closes

Between 6:00 and 8:00 pm a warm, light meal will be served to all walkers and volunteers. So, be sure to linger with us afterwards, share some laughs, hang with some friends and celebrate the walk - at least till you warm up.


Important Instructions

Registration opens at 4:00 pm. All walkers must check-in and sign a waiver form before participating. Please come prepared with:

  • All cash and cheques payable to "Coldest Night of the Year"
  • Pledge sheet with all donor data filled out completely and neatly OR
  • Post all pledges of cash and cheques online in your personal fundraising page and print off the "My Donor List" and bring with cash or cheques**.
  • Bring a signed WAIVER FORM available online under TOOLS / FORMS on the main site .

Note: Walkers who raise $150 (adults) or $75 (youth aged 13-17) do NOT have to pay the $25 registration fee.

Route Details

View our maps to see more details about our routes.

  • Rest Stops

  • Eau Claire will be serving as our Start/Finish location. 5km and 2km routes will only have access to washrooms at Eau Claire Market at the start and end of their walk.

  • The Calgary Curling Club will be serving our 10km walkers a light snack (cookies & hot chocolate) and serve as the halfway point.

  • There will also be a water/granola bar station at the 2.5km mark.

  • Safety & Support We will have volunteers at key corners and intersections pointing the way and cheering you on. As well, there will be some friendly support vehicles keeping an eye on everyone along the route.

What to Bring

Calgary Food Bank

We are honoured to partner with the Calgary Food Bank for this event. If you are able, please bring a non-parishable food item on Walk Day. Check out the Food Bank's wish list.

Calgary Food Bank Wish List

Don't Forget

Who knows what the weather will be like on WALK day. It could be warmer than expected or cold and blowy. The key is to come prepared while keeping an eye on the Weather Network.

Please bring:

  • good walking shoes/boots
  • hat or toque
  • gloves and maybe a scarf
  • a warm jacket
  • foot and glove warmers

Contact Information

Samantha Jones Location Director
Phone: (403) 218 5531


About Acadia Place/Feed the Hungry/Mustard Seed

Calgary has a homeless population of approximately 3,000 according to the Calgary Homeless Foundation.

Many agencies work with Calgary’s homeless citizens to provide them with food and shelter, recovery from addictions, transitions to housing, employment and good health.

Three programs that serve our homeless will be walking in solidarity with them on Saturday, February 20 as we host and participate in Coldest Night of the Year (CNOY). Won’t you join us and experience a few hours of what it is like to be homeless on the streets of Calgary on a winter evening?

Acadia Place

Acadia Place is a project that supports housing first, a successful model that places people in a home with the supports they require to live a long and prosperous life. Located in southeast Calgary, Acadia Place, which is owned by Calgary Homeless Foundation and operated by CUPS, has 57 units housing a blend of single adults, couples and families, with the majority being families who were experiencing homelessness or were at extreme risk of becoming homeless. KAIROS Calgary, an ecumenical Social Justice initiative in Calgary, is currently fundraising to retire the mortgage on Acadia Place. Funds raised from CNOY will support this effort.

Feed the Hungry

Feed the Hungry (FTH) is a Sunday Night dinner program offering a sit down meal in St. Mary’s Hall in downtown Calgary. A ministry of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Calgary, each week FTH offers 500 guests a three course dinner that is served by volunteers. FTH is intentional about creating an atmosphere of dignity and welcome. Proceeds will support the ongoing needs of the program.

The Mustard Seed

The Mustard Seed is non-denominational Christian charity that builds community, grows hope and supports change. It has been impacting and changing lives for more than 30 years. With support from donors and volunteers, the organization provides food, clothing and shelter to men and women who are experiencing poverty and homelessness in Calgary. It also helps them find homes and jobs and improve their overall health – physically, mentally and spiritually. Proceeds will be used to provide meals, employment coaching, and housing assistance.

Contact Information

Samantha Jones Location Director
Phone: (403) 218 5531


Calgary Maps

All routes are generously marked with bright WALK signage, staffed by friendly volunteers, and include rest stops with snacks along the way.

2kmView + print!
5kmView + print!
10kmView + print!
TopQuestions about Coldest Night or Blue Sea Philanthropy? | 1.877.743.3413

National Sponsors

The Printing House

Blue Sea

An event by Blue Sea Philanthropy

© 2016 Blue Sea Philanthropy

A Registered Canadian Charity

CRA#: 819882655RR0001

Toll Free: 1.877.743.3413

260-659 King St. East,

Kitchener, ON, N2G 2M4


Over $80,000 in additional fundraising since RIDE Day. So exciting! Look at these happy participant and volunteer f… [link]Oct. 13, 2016 at 9:44 am