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Acadia Place/Feed the Hungry

Acadia Place / Feed the Hungry serve people living with poverty in Calgary. Your involvement in this walk impacts hundreds of lives in a positive way, helping build a bright future that once seemed out of reach.

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WALK Day Photos

Photo Credit: Special thanks to Robert Zawaski, Calgary

WALK Day Details

Start/FinishGoogle Map

Eau Claire Market

Main Gathering Space by Food Court


200 Barclay Parade SW

Calgary, AB

T2P 4R3

Parking: Surface Parkade south of mall or underground parking with entrance off 2nd St SW. Fee is $3.00 for the whole day/night.

We will have a "Selfie Spot" at the Peace Bridge, so bring your camera and be prepared to post it to your favourite social media!


Here's the schedule for the walk:

4:00 - Registration opens

5:00 - Opening Ceremonies

5:15 - Walk begins (10 km)

5:30 - Walk begins (5 km and 2 km)

6:00 - Registration closes

8:00 - Route closes

Between 6:00 and 8:00 pm a warm, light meal will be served to all walkers and volunteers. So, be sure to linger with us afterwards, share some laughs, hang with some friends and celebrate the walk - at least till you warm up.

RegistrationDownload + Print Your Waiver

Important Instructions

Registration opens at 4:00 pm. All walkers must check-in and sign a waiver form before participating. Please come prepared with:

All cash and cheques payable to "Coldest Night of the Year"

Pledge sheet with all donor data filled out completely and neatly OR

Post all pledges of cash and cheques online in your personal fundraising page and print off the "My Donor List" and bring with cash or cheques**.

Bring a signed WAIVER FORM available online under TOOLS / FORMS on the main site .

Note: Walkers who raise $150 (adults) or $75 (youth aged 13-17) do NOT have to pay the $25 registration fee.

Route Details

View our maps to see more details about our routes.

Rest Stops Eau Claire will be serving as our Start/Finish and Rest Stop at the 2.5 and 5km mark. There you can warm up, use a washroom, grab a quick snacks and a warm drink.

Safety & Support We will have volunteers at key corners and intersections pointing the way and cheering you on. As well, there will be some friendly support vehicles keeping an eye on everyone along the route.

What to Bring

Don't Forget

Who knows what the weather will be like on WALK day. It could be warmer than expected or cold and blowy. The key is to come prepared while keeping an eye on the Weather Network.

Please bring:

good walking shoes/boots

hat or toque

gloves and maybe a scarf

a warm jacket

foot and glove warmers

Calgary Contact Info

Acadia Place/Feed the Hungry Contact

Samantha Jones

Location Director

Phone: (403) 401-7731


About Acadia Place/Feed the Hungry

Calgary has a homeless population of approximately 3,000 according to the Calgary Homeless Foundation.

Many agencies work with Calgary’s homeless citizens to provide them with food and shelter, recovery from addictions, transitions to housing, employment and good health.

Two programs that serve our homeless will be walking in solidarity with them on Saturday, February 21 as we host and participate in Coldest Night of the Year (CNOY). Won’t you join us and experience a few hours of what it is like to be homeless on the streets of Calgary on a winter evening?

Acadia Place is an affordable housing complex owned by the Calgary Homeless Foundation. It provides housing and supports for 58 formerly homeless families and families at risk of homelessness. KAIROS Calgary, an ecumenical Social Justice initiative in Calgary, is currently fundraising to pay down the mortgage on Acadia Place through the RESOLVE Campaign. RESOLVE is a unique collaboration of nine Partner agencies raising $120 million to build affordable and supported rental housing for 3,000 vulnerable and homeless Calgarians. Funds raised from CNOY will support this effort

Feed the Hungry (FTH) is a Sunday Night dinner program offering a sit down meal in St. Mary’s Hall in downtown Calgary. A ministry of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Calgary, each week FTH offers 500 guests a three course dinner that is served by volunteers. FTH is intentional about creating an atmosphere of dignity and welcome. Proceeds will support the ongoing needs of the program.

Mailing Address

Acadia Place/Feed the Hungry

120 17 Ave SW

Calgary, AB

Canada, T2S 2T2

Calgary | Feb 13, 2015 | CTV Calgary


A low-income housing project in southeast Calgary is set to benefit from the fundraising efforts of the participants in the Coldest Night of the Year charity walk. Read More...

Calgarians rally for homeless on Coldest Night of the Year
Calgary | Feb 7, 2015 | Calgary Herald

Calgarians rally for homeless on Coldest Night of the Year

Imagine being a homeless person, walking the streets of downtown Calgary on bitterly cold evenings. Read More...

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1. Holy Spirit Walkers
Captain: Teresa Persaud
Raised: $10,816.00 | Members: 12
2. St. Andrew's Happy Feet
Captain: Jan Hazlett
Raised: $9,975.00 | Members: 25
3. Calgary CNOY Singletons
Captain: Samantha Jones
Raised: $9,170.00 | Members: 53
4. Friends of FTH
Captain: Garry Moyes
Raised: $5,690.00 | Members: 12
Captain: Lee Woolery
Raised: $5,265.00 | Members: 22
6. Centennial Centipedes
Captain: Helen Smith
Raised: $4,543.00 | Members: 15
7. St. Barnabas Anglican Church Walkers
Captain: Angie Martinac
Raised: $4,500.00 | Members: 6
Captain: Marilyn Jonasson
Raised: $4,105.00 | Members: 12
9. Calgary Heavenly Hikers
Captain: Patsy Hayes
Raised: $3,786.00 | Members: 11
10. St. Gerard's Striders
Captain: Pat Jamniczky
Raised: $3,780.27 | Members: 11
11. Holy Name Cares
Captain: Lisa Wentzell-Perry
Raised: $3,770.00 | Members: 11
12. CS Church & City Friends
Captain: Rick Young
Raised: $3,760.00 | Members: 7
13. Feet of Encouragement
Captain: Barry McCulloch
Raised: $3,664.00 | Members: 8
14. Woollen Walkers
Captain: Hélène Larway
Raised: $3,480.00 | Members: 12
15. Cathedral Church of the Redeemer
Captain: Helen Dunn
Raised: $3,480.00 | Members: 18
16. Homes by Avi
Captain: Charlene Francis
Raised: $3,450.00 | Members: 8
17. Altadore Baptist Alicats
Captain: Larry Pearce
Raised: $2,810.00 | Members: 9
18. St Bonaventure Snow-Ventures
Captain: Lorraine Clark
Raised: $2,795.00 | Members: 4
19. St. Martins & Knox Dynamic Duo
Captain: Laura Wieler
Raised: $2,435.00 | Members: 10
20. Deer Park @ St. Andrew's UC
Captain: Donald Stiles
Raised: $2,355.00 | Members: 12
21. Team Bonavista Baptist
Captain: Sue Trefry
Raised: $2,345.00 | Members: 5
22. Westminster Walkers
Captain: Dee Dee Hibbert
Raised: $2,345.00 | Members: 4
23. Luminites
Captain: Deanna Ott
Raised: $2,315.00 | Members: 6
24. Grace Go - Getters
Captain: Lesley Lee
Raised: $2,225.00 | Members: 4
25. VAPC Snowmobiles
Captain: John Douglas Hey
Raised: $2,073.75 | Members: 12
26. Calgary Anglicans
Captain: Alison Longson
Raised: $1,860.00 | Members: 6
27. Westside Kings Church
Captain: Chantelle Carley
Raised: $1,850.00 | Members: 6
28. Companions making footprints
Captain: Lisa Gilead
Raised: $1,755.00 | Members: 5
29. Nick and Heidi
Captain: Heidemarie Schroter
Raised: $1,375.00 | Members: 4
30. Team Melissa
Captain: Melissa Phalen
Raised: $1,230.00 | Members: 9
31. St Paul's Pilgrims
Captain: Laura Anne Fink
Raised: $900.00 | Members: 3
32. Knelsen
Captain: Mark Knelsen
Raised: $900.00 | Members: 4
Raised: $810.00 | Members: 2
34. The Young & the Earnest
Captain: Sara Siddique
Raised: $800.00 | Members: 7
35. Geckos for Good
Captain: Julie Johnston
Raised: $720.00 | Members: 4
36. The Walking Ghosts
Captain: Susanne Czentye
Raised: $515.00 | Members: 7
37. Polar Bears
Captain: Bonnie Smith
Raised: $500.00 | Members: 6
38. University of Calgary Catholic Community
Captain: Marie DeCock
Raised: $475.00 | Members: 17
39. The Bluenosers
Captain: Nathan McCarthy
Raised: $420.00 | Members: 2
40. Wandering Walkers
Captain: Jessica L'Heureux
Raised: $400.00 | Members: 2
41. St. Mary's Cathedral
Captain: Delia Barr
Raised: $370.00 | Members: 8
42. Healing Wind
Captain: Dolores DeSousa
Raised: $330.00 | Members: 3
43. St Patrick's Parish
Captain: Albert Riendeau
Raised: $250.00 | Members: 3
44. CUPS
Captain: Courtney Juurlink
Raised: $225.00 | Members: 2
45. Ten Thousand Villages - 17th
Captain: Joyce Doran
Raised: $100.00 | Members: 5
46. Haight Vanes
Captain: Johnna Haight Vane
Raised: $50.00 | Members: 1
47. McClure Marches
Captain: Donald Dale
Raised: $40.00 | Members: 1
48. Cambrian Heights
Captain: Glenn Stewart
Raised: $0.00 | Members: 4
49. Pinky Promise
Captain: Nancy Moke
Raised: $0.00 | Members: 1
50. Kalgary Konnection
Captain: Emily Ennett
Raised: $0.00 | Members: 4
51. The Geib Team
Captain: Nathan Geib
Raised: $0.00 | Members: 2
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